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Season One left us with a Scully who just saw deep throat, got shot point blank, and Mulder getting his precious department and his partnership torn apart. So these two are sad. Season two will bring some horrific villains, disgusting monsters, and a heightened conspiracy. Although, that can pretty much be copied and pasted to describe every season of this show.

Pretty much this season is 6,576 times better than season one. Why? Why not?! The Host was one of the best episodes ever.

Mulder gets tortured emotionally with Scully's disappearance (which pretty much plays into the entire mythology for the rest of the series), and we get our first "humor" episode. Where season one gave us tasty bits of what was to come, season two brought Thanksgiving dinner. And it is not even my favorite season (see Best X-Files Season).


The Host: Many people would think a half man half fluke worm hanging out in a port-a-potty is not very romantic. I think its darling how preggers Anderson in large trench coats set a style which will last up until the first feature film. But back to point, despite no longer being "partners" these agents continue to work together in secret... for professional courtesy...? for crime solving efficiency...? for loooooove? Not quite, but they clearly have what any jr. hire could recognize throughout all time, "a crush," hidden by the convenience of "trying to catch a killer." Clear as a bell.


One Breath is a slam dunk in being a milestone episode about Mulder coming to grips that he just might like his partner just a little bit. I personally like the scene where he over-dramatically sits in his apartment in the dark. Melissa needs to calm down, MAYBE he just like to save on electricity bills! The writers clearly are expressing his hurt in the possibility of him losing another women/girl/female in his life, both of which he could have prevented.

Irresistible happens to both be a classic, and also a ship-fest. Yes, a ship fest is a term for an episode full of moments that makes viewers/philes either A) squirm and giggle like a schoolgirl, B) Roll their eyes, C) Squeal like a schoolgirl, D) Run squealing from the room like a schoolgirl or E) turn the TV off. If you are reading this, your answer is A, C or D. Mulder, I believe asks Scully to her first football game date, we have quite a few Elbow grabs, concerned Mulder looks, and another "Mulder saves a Scully in trouble final scene."


Humbug Yes, Humbug. Not commonly known as being a ship-fest, but offers many clues and fun peeks into how these two are enduring the unique circus life. up to this point, there has been quite the emotionally draining slew of monsters, aliens, torture, heartbreak, and murder. Humbug IS darkly clever all the while giving viewers a peek into how these two relate in a lighthearted case. Cute scenes include Scully's cockroach munching, the funhouse search, and of course, checking into the motel with the manager who's a midget.

Anasazi The season finale of season two pretty much nailed it in committing viewers to stick with this show for years to come. A huge reason for that is the overwhelming vibe that the MSR was smacking philes in the face. Now it was romances-files Scully's turn to put on her worried face about Mulder's well being. And when Concerned Scully arises, things get done, mulder gets a hot towel on his forehead. This episode is a great follow-up of "One Breath" and was one doozy of a cliffhanger, especially for Scully!

With the end of the second season, the dynamic between the two had grown tremendously. It is quite clear Mulder would die for Scully, and Scully trusted Mulder more than anyone in the world. The powers that be the consortium could not keep them apart this season, and neither will a fiery train car. Season Three will take Season Two's chemistry and deliver fantastic new turns and juicy twists.

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