Pluses And Minuses Of The "Alien Crash" Theory -


1. There were many so-called witnesses to the event, including local ranchers, Air Force personnel, newsmen, and law officials. 300 surviving witnessed were interviewed by Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle, for inclusion in their book "UFO Crash at Roswell."

2. Roswell base officials told the media that they had recovered a flying disk. Why would they tell people they'd recovered a flying saucer, if it was just one of our weather balloons. Was it a TOP SECRET weather balloon?


1. Despite all these witnesses, no "smoking gun" exists for the supposed Roswell UFO crash. By this I mean no piece of alien metal, or section of alien "hide" or credible pictures of a crashed alien ship or dead or wounded aliens have ever come to light. And, now that the dust has settled on the several year old documentary "Alien Autopsy", I believe that most of us can say that no authentic film of dead aliens has come to light yet. For a case that many UFO researchers/fans frequently call "THE BEST PROOF OF ALIEN EXISTENCE/VISITATION" there is a shocking lack of hard, physical evidence.

2. The fact that the disk or disks crashed near a military base. Much has been made in the UFO fringe press over the years about frequency with which UFOs/flying saucers are spotted above or near military bases. Is it not more likely, as opposed to aliens buzzing our military bases that these so-called alien ships are in fact top secret/experimental aircraft that our military is testing?